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Thank you to all health information professionals, working to keep health information human. No matter your area or expertise, the work you do lets patients receive high-quality care, and encourages meaningful innovation.

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Celebrate Health Information Heroes

Recognize a health information hero here.

Recognize a Health Information Hero

In celebration of HIP Week, we are calling out the health information heroes who took up the mantle of leadership during a year of crisis and uncertainty. This is your opportunity to call out the heroes in your organization. Recognize a hero here.

Carla Cathcart, HIM Specialist, Ashley Addition Treatment

“Carla and Brandon have shown what teamwork is all about. The HIM team has gone through its share of struggles; you wouldn’t know that, though, as neither of them skipped a beat. Our organization is a substance abuse treatment facility and has over 300 patients over all of our facilities. For the last six months, Carla and Brandon have independently handled all of the facility’s medical records requests. I want them to know how much we appreciate them and how valued they are. More importantly, I want to thank them for their hard work.”

Recognized by: Kim Sherwood, MSM, Compliance Manager, Ashley Treatment

Lois Hunter, MHA, RHIA, Full-time Instructor HIMT Program, Atlanta Technical College

“She is an excellent coding instructor. During this time with the pandemic, Ms. Hunter is going the extra mile by teaching students on campus to learn how to code especially the new Covid-19 diagnoses. She helps the student to stay focus and comfortable enough to excel in their courses. We truly honor and respect her.”

Recognized by: Adrianne Clark, RHIT, Full-time Instructor HIMT Program, Atlanta Technical College

Lorie Mills, RHIT, CCS, Director of Coding Clinical Documentation, Forrest Health

“Lorie jumped into action as soon as the pandemic hit. She encouraged collaboration between HIM and revenue departments, resulting in improved workflows. Lorie’s advice for her peers: ‘When faced with challenges, don’t fear change. A negative beginning is an opportunity to take charge and navigate the journey for positive change. In my experience, change means we’re learning and growing.'”

Recognized by: Bill Wagner, CHPS, CPCO, Chief Operating Officer, KIWI-TEK

Cassey Smith, Medical Records, Heartland Health Center

“Cassey has been a rock star for our organization and has always maintained a high level of professionalism, she is our ‘track it down’ star for obtaining medical records from all over, she makes sure all our nurses and providers have everything they need to take care of our patients and her organization skills are one of a kind! She keeps our patients’ information secure and follows HIPAA guidelines to the fullest. We a blessed to have her and could not keep our three clinics running without her!”

Recognized by: Nurses Team at Heartland Health Center

Marie A Thomas, MHA, RHIT, CCS, CCDS, COC, VP Revenue Cycle Operations, ECLAT Health Solutions

“Marie is a prime example of HIM heroism. She is nimble, enthusiastic, trustworthy and is the embodiment of what it means to be a  team leader. In a time of uncertainty, she is always determined to go above and beyond for the HIM profession with the most candid demeanor. Her attentiveness to details and timely and accurate facilitation for both her peers and clients alike speaks volumes of her ethics as an HIM advocate.”

Recognized by: Giovanna Stahl, RHIA, Director, Marketing, ECLAT Health Solutions

Michelle Tompkins, MBA, RHIA, CCS, COC, Manager, Outpatient Coding Services, Texas Health Resources

“Michelle took on the challenges of this past year Pandemic like a true GREAT leader. She worked with her team and leadership to ensure her staff was taken care of. She developed education plans for the low volume months that in turn have been extremely helpful to the OP team where coding quality is involved. She kept a positive ‘we can get through this’ attitude throughout the year which in turn helped create a calming feel throughout the entire OP coding team. She is a wonderful leader/manager and I am blessed to work for her!”

Recognized by: Lindsey Davis, CCS, COC, Lead Outpatient Coding Operations Analyst, Texas Health Resources

Angela Whitley, RHIA, THMA VP Health Information Management, Trinity Health Mid-Atlantic

“Angela Whitley has shown who she is and what she is made of over this past year. She not only met the challenges that COVID presented but looked ahead and provided a stable, safe environment for all of us to feel secure and have the tools we needed to perform our work. Her leadership provided guidance to not only our department but to our vendors and business associates as we navigated new ways to serve our patients, our physicians, and our colleagues.”

Recognized by: Jeannine Falatek, CCS, COC, THMA Regional Manager, Trinity Health Mid-Atlantic

Amanda Deering, RHIA, CHDA, HIM/Informaticist Specialists, Department of Justice/Federal Bureau of Prisons

“Amanda Deering assisted with the national COVID-19 Vaccine documentation for CDC reporting and the electronic health record. The
training included creating user guides, demos, virtual meetings, and also individual training with users. In addition, she developed EHR
enhancements to comply with the appropriate CDC reporting requirements. She worked closely with the Pharmacy team and other
clinical experts for urgent EHR requests.”

Recognized by: Jacqueline Reyes, RHIT, CTR, Chief HIM, Department of Justice/Federal Bureau of Prisons

Melissa Marcum, AAS/Health Information Technology, HIM Director, Westfield Rehab and Health Center

“Melissa has worked hard to become an HIP. She worked full time in the facility, raised 2 kids, and went to school at night in order to obtain her degree. She is one of the hardest working people I know. She never stops. Back in December, our facility experienced our first COVID-19 outbreak. The team was notified around 5 pm that we needed to move patients to the COVID unit. Melissa was one of the first team members to arrive. Not only did she help move the patients and their belongings, but she also made sure all of the medical records went with the patients and the moves were documented in the MR. Again, recently we stopped had to briefly stop admissions. The Administrator suggested that instead of sending staff home and having to use PTO, she would have them volunteer to help paint. Melissa was one of the first ones to sign up! Her loyalty to the facility and the patients we serve comes in many different ways. We are lucky to have such a great person as our HIM Director”

Recognized by: Linda Andrews, LNHA, Administrator, Westfield Rehabilitation and Health Center

Tammy Payne, RHIA, CHPS, HIM Operations Manager, Tucson Medical Center

“Tammy, Is an amazing leader. Through this past year, she has kept every member of our team on staff, was able to keep all of us working, and took on other displaced employees into our department to keep them working as well. I am a student in an RHIA program, and she encouraged me to pursue my dreams and go back to school. She has championed our team, and brought more recognition to our department, has managed to get our entire team raises, and most of all, she knows what she is doing, and knows how to get done what we need to get done. She has done so much more as well, such as centralizing our ROI area and taken on ROI for the entire TMC Network, instead of just inpatient and outpatient. Tammy is nothing short of amazing. She deserves to be called out, for not only championing our department but for keeping us all together. THANK YOU!!”

Recognized by: Hope Maldonado, RHIA, HIM Tech IV, Tucson Medical Center

How Will the Pandemic Change the HIM Profession? 

The COVID-19 public health emergency tested every assumption about healthcare in America. Will we return to the status quo or embrace long-overdue reforms? Here are how healthcare professionals imagine the post-pandemic world. Share your thoughts on social media using the hashtag #HIPWeek 


“I think most of our clients are confident in their ability to support a fully virtual workforce, ensuring the privacy and security of PHI as a top priority.”

Mary S. McNerney, Chief Brand Officer, Enjoin 

We see two patient record platforms: The active EHR and active archive. Good-bye aging legacy system silos. Hello secure, consolidated archive for easier ROI fulfillment and accounts receivable wind down.

Shannon Larkin, Vice President of Marketing, Harmony Healthcare IT 


Laurie Peters, HIE Client Director, Orion Health

“HIM professionals will play an invaluable role in ensuring data accuracy, timeliness, privacy, and data integrity as the healthcare industry furthers interoperability and increases preparedness for future pandemics.”

Sarah Humbert, Vice President of Coding Operations, KIWI-TEK

“We have always tried to maintain staffing at approximately 20 percent over the coding need, which proved valuable during the crisis. Clients had coders go out unexpectedly and our coders were trained to jump right in. We will continue to share and promote this practice in the event of high volumes and illness.”

Brad Cox, Director of Patient Accounting Revenue Cycle, Northwestern Memorial Healthcare

“The past year has made it clear that providers and payers need to shift how they exchange data. The pandemic has put in motion greater collaboration and has opened new channels of communication.”

Patricia Buttner, Practice Director, Informatics, Analytics & Data, AHIMA

“The other side of the pandemic will reveal an even greater need for HI professionals to bring data governance to the forefront of healthcare.”

Angela Rose, Vice President of Client Success, MRO

“From an onsite ROI perspective, walk-in windows/front desks can become completely virtual with the use of a kiosk to request records, or with the ability to submit a request online or use a phone app.

Dr. Art Papier, Practicing Dermatologist and CEO, VisualDx

“To support telehealth’s continued adoption post-pandemic, HIM systems must incorporate visualization in virtual encounters. Visuals augment provider decision-making and drive greater diagnostic accuracy, and improve patient trust, adherence, and outcomes.”

Matt Hoeger, Senior Director of Revenue Integrity, Penn State Health

Working from home has proved to be a viable solution. As a result, other departments are following the same path, moving toward remote work as the standard beyond the pandemic.”

Tracy G. Hickey, Director, Health Information Management, West Tennessee Healthcare

We closed our HIM department to visitors, removing the ability to pick up medical records or talk to staff. Our team is now looking at how to set up a location on-site or near the facility, allowing visitors easy access outside the hospital patient care areas.”

Denny Phillips, President, iPro Healthcare

“Healthcare professionals should focus on connectivity and communication with patients and extended providers. Digital transformation is crucial to patient experience. Well-informed patients become empowered, which leads to improved outcomes and loyalty.”

Teresa Gulino, Managing Director, Business development, Pivot Point Consulting

“The pandemic revealed the importance of swiftly exchanging health information and integrating care delivery teams to serve populations-at-large.”

Julie A. Pursley, Director, Health Information Thought Leadership, AHIMA

As data and dataflows change, the health information professional is a key stakeholder in the collection, access, management, and sharing of these data to support SDoH.

Matt Hoeger, Senior Director of Revenue Integrity, Penn State Health

Working from home has proved to be a viable solution. Folks thought staff would be less productive without consistent oversight. For our department, that scenario didn’t play out. Other departments are moving toward remote work as the standard beyond the pandemic. 

“Coding and billing in a pandemic is a recipe for revenue loss and compliance risk. Organizations with more robust IT infrastructures and interoperability capabilities will more easily adapt to these dynamic environments and integrate new data sources and formats.”

Drew Ivan, Chief Product and Strategy Officer, Lyniate 


“Rural America needs healthcare and many of them cannot get to an office location. Telehealth and advanced care planning will be critical services for these populations.”

—Maria Moen, director of platform innovation, ADVault 

Joe Nicholson, DO, Chief Medical Officer, CareAllies

I hope this crisis puts a lens on the reality of healthcare inequities and those organizations across the country, big and small, who are having the difficult conversations and then investing in SDoH resources.”

Terry Blessing III, Senior Vice President of Client Development, VisiQuate

“The augmented patient experience, based on delays and associated non-emergent outpatient service backlogs, will drive deep-dive E/M analysis at the provider level, and deep insights into payer behavior.

John Richey, Director, Academic Education Services, AHIMA

“I see ‘COVID rapid response teams’ responding to any local or regional flare-ups or outbreaks. The teams consist of local healthcare providers along with county, state, and federal public health officials to respond to any COVID ‘hotspots’. Of course, HIM professionals should be an integral part of the rapid response teams!”

David Lareau, Chief Executive Officer, Medicomp Systems

“Interoperability will add to the current data tsunami. HIM professionals must start to make health data useable and accurate at the point of care.”

Tammy Combs, Practice Director CDI and Clinical Foundations, AHIMA

“Remote CDI and CDI technology will continue to rise, allowing CDI programs find ways to improve documentation and reduce the administrative burden on providers.”

Robyn Stambaugh, MS, RHIA, Practice Director, Professional Development and Education, AHIMA

“I believe we will see a robust vaccine passport system. It will be important to allow for racial and technical equity. It will be critical to have a certified/standard way to validate the authenticity of immunization and protect the privacy/security.

Lijo Simpson, MD, Atlanta Cancer Care

The COVID-19 pandemic has permanently changed cancer care, just as it has permanently altered the healthcare industry in general. Technologies such as telehealth and virtual multidisciplinary tumor boards will play an increasing role in care delivery.”

Paul Joiner, Chief Operating Officer, Availity

“HIM will continue to utilize technology to automate manual tasks, streamline workflows, and improve outcomes. Better payer-provider collaboration will create a more efficient healthcare ecosystem.”

Lesley Kadlec, Director, Policy and State Advocacy Engagement, AHIMA

 “Accurate patient identification and patient matching will continue to be a top priority. Accurate patient identification for personal infection history, contact tracing, post-COVID illness or vaccine complications data, and immunization tracking will prove invaluable.”


“The landscape of CDI has changed for the indefinite future, but these teams can learn to be innovative and adaptable. While something indelible is lost when moving to remote operations, such as personal connectivity, proven processes can be put into place to ensure that each team member is working to the best of their ability.” 

Laurie M. Johnson, MS, RHIA, FAHIMA, Lynn Wall, Conemaugh Health System 


“With greater interoperability, provider workflows will adapt to manage SDOH, adopt artificial intelligence, embrace telemedicine, and manage increased patient acuity for millions receiving post-COVID19 treatment.”

Matthew A. Michela, President and CEO, Life Image


I anticipate a continued reduction in in-person visits. Providers should hedge for that and create a sustainable virtual care strategy designed to meet patients where they are in the post-pandemic world.”

–Monica Bolbjerg, MD, Founder and CEO, Qure4u 

Super-Charged Routines 

The pandemic has had an enormous impact on how we work. These are some of the routines that help health information professionals and other leaders perform at their best, stay balanced, and meet the challenges of the day. 

Jay Anders, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Medicomp Systems tunes into online guitar lessons to strum away stress.

Tammy Combs, Director, CDI, and Clinical Foundation, AHIMA starts the day with 30 minutes of treadmill time and another 30 minutes in quiet prayer and meditation. 

Seth KatzVP, Health Information Management & Revenue Cycle, Truman Medical Center knocks out a 30-minute boxing workout after a tough day.

Katherine LuskSenior Director, Strategic PartnershipsTexas Health Services Authority, jumps into the day with a stack of (electronic) trade publications. 

Melissa Potts, CDI Practitioner, AHIMA relaxes with a crossword puzzle at lunchtime.

Sue Bowman, Senior Director, Coding Policy and Compliance, AHIMA schedules lunch in her Outlook to make sure she gets a break. 

Gina Sanvik, Director, Revenue Cycle Management, AHIMA uses sticky notes at her desk to stay motivated and positive. Her favorite is, “Super Fantastic, Super Fantastic, Super Fantastic!”

Robyn Stambaugh, Director, Privacy and Security, AHIMA sings while she makes her morning smoothie to set the tone for the day.

Patty Buttner, Director, Informatics, Analytics and Data, AHIMA boosts her serotonin in the morning with a gratitude meditation.

Donna Rugg, Director, Terminology Mapping, Coding, and Data Standards, AHIMA swears by a daily walk, outside if possible or at the mall, which opens early.

Melanie Endicott, Senior Director, International Education and Training, AHIMA takes her dog for a 45-minute amble every day at lunch—rain, snow, or shine (she lives in Washington state).

Christi Lower, Director, Academic Strategy, AHIMA rules her inbox by responding to emails right away–if it will take less than a minute–and blocks out time on her calendar for emails that take longer.

Lesley Kadlec, Director, Policy and State Advocacy Engagement, AHIMA makes sure she has time to focus by scheduling it.  

Keith Olenik, Chief Member Relations and Service Officer, AHIMA listens to jazz when he’s not on calls.

Recognize a Health Information Hero

In celebration of HIP Week, we are calling out the health information heroes who took up the mantle of leadership during a year of crisis and uncertainty. This is your opportunity to call out the heroes in your organization. Recognize a hero here.

Cassie Kastning, Analyst Physician Liaison, Faith Regional Health Services

“Cassie was pulled in so many directions this past year, not just with the COVID uncertainties but during our EPIC downtime as well. Some days I don’t know how she held it together but she did, and always with a good attitude and willingness to help, even on the craziest days. THANK YOU, Cassie!”

Recognized by: Roberta Groninger, Health Information Specialist, Faith Regional Health Services

Rachel Eagleson, RHIT, Instructor, Ivy Tech Community College

“Rachel is an outstanding instruction. Her passion for her the Health Information industry is apparent in her teachings. Not only is she a dedicated HIM professional, she’s an instructor who goes above and beyond to ensure her students understand. Her passion is contagious and uplifting.”

Recognized by: Stephanie Connolly, HIM Student, Ivy Tech Community College

Renea Watson, RHIA, Director of CDS/Coding, THR

“Renea led her team of CDIs during COVID-19. The circumstances of 2020 prompted her entire staff to work from home. She and her team of managers have carried on w/ education plans, team meetings, and manager/employee rounding-all tailored for remote employees. They also created a plan to address low census across an entire system of hospitals in the DFW area that continues to work that is fair and equitable for all employees. Kudos to Renea and her CDS managers!”

Recognized by: Michael Boatwright, MBA, RHIA, CDS, THR

Larissa Derrick, RHIA, CIPP US, CHPS, CAP, Sr. Information Security Office, Travis County, TX

“Larissa is one who ‘gives back’ to our BSHIM students every year during the senior seminars. She mentors senior students ahead of graduation and encourages them to “be open” to unlimited HIM roles. Our world is ever-evolving and new opportunities await each day. Be excited about the road ahead!”

Recognized by: Jackie Moczygemba, MBA, RHIA, CCS, FAHIMA, Associate Professor, Texas State University 

Tricia Koopman, RHIA, Corporate Director HIM, Willis-Knighton Health System

“Tricia has been leading this organization’s HIM functions for over 25 years, including but not limited to EHR implementation, in-house coding with certification, home coding, and hundreds of other programs. His continued enthusiasm and constant concern for proper HIM procedures are impressive.”

Recognized by: Jean Ann Hartzell Minzey, RHIA, CHA, CEO, Healthcare Education Strategies, Inc. 

Michelle Tompkins, MBA, RHIA, CCS, COC, Manager, Texas Health Resources

“Michelle took the challenges during this pandemic and converted as an opportunity to build up new skills through training for the entire coding department. She is a great leader and always takes care of her employees by creating a positive work environment.”

Recognized by: Min Khadka, RHIT, Coder, Texas Health Resources

Mikalan Cawley, RHIT, CCS, HIM Coding Informalist, Texas Health Resources

“She is always there to help and support her co-workers. She is so pleased when she helps out and performs her work with honesty, generosity, and professionalism. I appreciate Mikalan so much. Thank you.”

Recognized by: Amira Attia, CPC, COC, CIC, HIMS Coder I, Texas Health Resources

Kenneth Lugo, RHIA, Health Information Director, Hospital Capestrano

“He is our Education Hero for leading and implementing all the virtual education sessions of PRHIMA. Providing all our members the opportunity to remain educated in HIM topics and earn the credit hours required, despite the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

Recognized by: Angelis Ferreira, RHIA, Compliance Officer

Michelle Tompkins, MBA, RHIA, CCS, COC, Manager, Outpatient Coding Services

“Michelle has never met a challenge she couldn’t overcome and pandemic was no match for her SUPERB leadership! By developing new education and training plans through times of low volumes to keeping the outpatient coding team’s morale high. She was a real TROOPER and the whole team loves working with her positive can-do attitude. She made the worst of times some of our best of times this last year and continues to do so today.”

Recognized by: Wade Vinson, Coder II, Outpatient Coding Services

Kim Fellmeth, RHIA, Executive Director Health Information Management, Advocate Aurora Health

“Kim is a pillar in the HIM department at Advocate Aurora Health. She guided our department through a big merger with another healthcare organization in IL with grace and professionalism. Kim also is there to help every department with their day-to-day workflows, and she is excellent at recognizing best practices solutions. I feel Kim is a Health Information Hero because of the excellent leadership she always provides to the Health Information Management department. The changes Kim has recommended helps the entire department every day.”

Recognized by: Rita Merkel, RHIA, Health Information Clinical Chart Specialist, Advocate Aurora Health

Francis Chuong, RHIA, Director – HIM, UHA

“Francis daily shows dedication to staff as well as other management leaders. Francis’s love for the Team and the field is amazing.”

Recognized by: Robert Whitehead, RHIT, HIM Supervisor, UHA

Julie Wulf Plimpton, MSHI, RHIA, Assistant Professor, Dakota State University

“Julie served as PI for a $1M funding proposal recently!”

Recognized by: Renae Spohn, PhD, RHIA, CPHI, FAHIMA, Director of HIM Programs, Dakota State University

Brandon Willem, HIM Specialist, Ashley, Inc. dba Ashley Treatment

“Carla and Brandon have shown what teamwork is all about. The HIM team has gone through its share of struggles; you wouldn’t know that, though, as neither of them skipped a beat. Our organization is a substance abuse treatment facility and has over 300 patients over all of our facilities. For the last six months, Carla and Brandon have independently handled all of the facility’s medical records requests. I want them to know how much we appreciate them and how valued they are. More importantly, I want to thank them for their hard work.”

Recognized by: Kim Sherwood, MSM, Compliance Manager, Ashley Treatment

Laurie Austin, RHIA, Chief Operating Officer, Nashville HSC, Parallon

“During a year of uncertainty, Laurie kept calm and collected. She made tough decisions that impacted staff yet kept staff feeling valued and appreciated. Laurie kept communication lines open and would share any information that was available to help staff feel safe in an uncertain time. Laurie continued to work diligently to ensure metrics were met for the facilities while having empathy for staff and their situations”

Recognized by: Kari Leonard, RHIA, Regional HIM Director, Nashville HSC, Parallon

Jennifer Allenbaugh, CCS, Coding Supervisor, Jennie Stuart Health

“She has been dedicated, inspirational, and a valued HIM leader!!”

Recognized by: Paula Vuksinic, CCDS, CDIP, CCS, Coding and CDI Manager, Jennie Stuart Health

Alin George, HIM Coordinator, Northwell Health – Stern Rehabilitation Center

“The work she does is phenomenal. I see her always going the extra mile for our patients and their families when they request records.”

Recognized by: Claudia Barnes, RHIA, Coder, Northwell Health – Stern Rehabilitation Center

Julia Steff, MHSc, RHIA, CPHQ, CPHIMS, CPHI, CCS, CCS-P, FAHIMA, Professor I/Department Chair, Palm Beach State College

“She has shown exemplary leadership through her commitment. The HIM program at college would not be possible for students and faculties without her. She is my role model.”

Recognized by: Shalini Chauhan, Student, Palm Beach State College

Jeanne Ocampo, RHIA, CPHIMS, HIM Informaticists/Specialists, Department of Justice/Federal Bureau of Prisons

“Jeanne assisted with data collection and analysis for COVID-19 and with creating clinics for the CDC vaccine system. Her expertise in SQL and HIM contributed to vaccine documentation compliance. Her other contributions include creating training guides and videos for the CDC vaccine system and the EHR. Her understanding of the legal health record has contributed to many improvements for the EHR.”

Recognized by: Jacqueline Reyes, RHIT, CTR, Chief HIM, Department of Justice/Federal Bureau of Prisons

Tanesha Tucker, COC, CPC, Certified Coding Specialist II, Cook Children’s

“Tanesha has been on our coding team since May 2019. Since this time she has streamlined a department that previously had no coding support to provide pro-fee coding accuracy, provide coding feedback to our physicians and APP’s both 1:1 and in a group, and has identified revenue opportunities that were previously missed. Tanesha is a joy to work with on our team!”

Recognized by: Michelle Korbisch, MBA, RHIA, CPC, CRC, Director, Provider Coding Educator, Cook Children’s Physicians Network

Roberta Groninger, Health Information Specialist, Faith Regional Health Services

“She is always so outgoing and friendly to everyone she meets; patients, visitors, and employees. She always has a smile on her face and is so positive. She is very trustworthy and professional in everything she does. I appreciate her hard work and look up to her!”

Recognized by: Cassie Kastning, Analyst/Physician Liason, Faith Regional Health Services

Kaleena Kesting, PB Coding Manager, Faith Regional Health Services

“She works very hard for our coding team. Making sure we have all the training and tools we need to do our job correctly. Does an amazing job researching information to make sure we are coding accurately and staying compliant.”

Recognized by: Elysia Wagner, PB Coder, Faith Regional Health Services

Julissa Avila, RHIT, CEHRS, HIM Supervisor, The Center for Health Care Services

“Julissa is one to give back to her profession. She is an advocate of providing continuing education by volunteering to speak at the local AHIMA association and her role on the board of directors. In her leadership role, she is doing her part to maintain the patient care process, protecting data, and providing security support to healthcare information. She was on-site completing her duties as front-line support during the COVID-19 pandemic. A big Thank you to Julissa for all that she does for the Health Information profession.”

Recognized by: Beatrice Avila, RHIA, CCS-P, Program Director, St. Philip’s College

Gidget Odom, RHIT, CCS, VERA Coordinator, Jackson VAMC

“Ms. Odom took on multiple roles during the crisis with a positive attitude. She was always willing to ensure the work was done because she recognized the impact that HIPs have on ensuring Veterans receive the highest quality of care..”

Recognized by: Annie Rattler-Baker, PhD, RHIA, Chief, HIMS, Jackson VAMC

Cameron Mere, IS Specialist, Parkview Health

“I recognize this hero because he works tirelessly behind the scenes to keep all our research platforms running smoothly. He also builds numerous reports and dashboards to integrate data from multiple sources into one easily accessible source for our researchers.”

Recognized by: Ethel Massing, MSHI, SHIMSS, Innovation Project Specialist, Parkview Health

ALMH HIM Colleagues, Coding, Transcription, Associates, Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital

“During the pandemic, our department was affected by furloughs. The department came together, regardless of credentials, and put all hands on deck to keep us afloat while we did planning. The teamwork and overwhelming sense of community rather than structure was uplifting. We pivoted, made changes to processes, colleagues took on tasks they had not performed before, and we made it work. A huge thank you to all the HIM heroes at ALMH, including those that returned from furlough!”

Recognized by: Holly Matoesian, Manager, HIM, Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital

Jennifer Cady, RHIT, Manager, Quality Audits & Reporting, Texas Health Resources

“Jennifer is an excellent and engaged leader. Jennifer makes sure her team has everything they need for workflow processes, she has also taken on some of the workload by herself since the team was down one person, and during this pandemic, she has made sure that the team stays in even more close communication to make sure the team’s mental health is good. It’s been a blessing to me to work for her.”

Recognized by: Veeda Beverly, HIM Data Analyst/Quality Auditor, Texas Health Resources

Maritess Gaetos, Corporate Director, KPC Health

“She’s been supportive and understanding with everything going on and she manages to reach out and shows us that we are one team and we all matter.”

Recognized by: Maria Morga, HIM Clerk, KPC Health

Paula McConnell, RHIT, Coder

“She inspires me to do the best that I can and took time to train me to do coding to refresh my RHIT.”

Recognized by: Suzie Busch, RHIT, Patient Access Specialist, University of Iowa

Patricia Lamson, RHIT, Clinical Coordinator, St. Philips College

“Patricia’s philosophy is, ‘Do whatever you can to help your students succeed’. She volunteers for the local and state AHIMA organizations. She has also served in the following roles of treasurer, past president, and coding roundtable coordinator. Patricia gives back to her profession by being a presenter and advocating for higher education. She is a great example of ‘Going Above and Beyond’.”

Recognized by: Beatrice Avila, RHIA, CCS-P, Program Director, St. Philips College

Leani Drapiza, Director of Marketing, iPro Healthcare

“Leani has displayed incredible vision to re-invent our sales/marketing approach from the traditional model to the current day social selling infrastructure. Re-designing our website, building standard electronic messaging for the sales department to optimize the use of the state-of-the-art Sales Navigator tool from LinkedIn, our progress has been swift and our entire company understands our company leadership focus completely. Leani’s Marketing department has contributed significantly to allow iPro Healthcare to achieve our organizational goals.”

Recognized by: Larry Nelson, Order Management Sales Management, iPro Healthcare

Shahista Salam, MPA-HSM, RHIT, Faculty, Malcolm X College

“Mrs. Salam always goes above and beyond her duty. She is always willing to give advice or a helping hand.”

Recognized by: Migdaliz Perez, Student, Malcolm X College

Sue Clarke-Kendrick, MHA, RHIA, FAHIMA, AVP, Network Revenue Integrity, WMC Northeast Provider Solutions

“She has great leadership skills, highly knowledgeable, hard-working, passionate, and kind-hearted.”

Recognized by: Raminder Jit, MD, CCDS, CCA, Sr. Revenue Integrity Analyst, NPS

Wendy Mizell, RHIA, Manager Operations and Regulatory Compliance, Texas Health Resources

“When the Pandemic began to hit in March of 2020, Wendy seized the initiative to deploy all of us from the office to our home so swiftly. Her effort and support ensured everyone to be safe. She let everyone know about the situation. She provided what we needed with a smooth transition. Whether during the year of crisis or not, she always keeps the staff cohesive and communicates to us any changes or situations that may affect the Documentation Compliance team. She continues setting a great example by being a volunteer in the Community Clinics. She is an awesome manager, and I am grateful to be a part of her team.”

Recognized by: Anna Petikun, BS, RHIT, Documentation Compliance Analyst, Texas Health Resources

Debra Morgan, Health Information Supervisor, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

“Deb was nominated as an HIM Hero because even while this year was one of fast pace changes and oh SO crazy, Deb was described as being helpful and positive through it all. Teams were sent to be remote in a matter of a day and yet Deb was quick to answer my phone calls and emails. She was right there to answer those strange or difficult calls just as she does when we are all in the office together. I can always count on her to figure something out when she doesn’t have an immediate answer. Very thankful to have her as a Supervisor and colleague! She helped to bring the calm to a year of crisis and uncertainty”

Recognized by: Cheryl Rowe, Operations Manager Health Information Services, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

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