Celebrating the Dedicated Professionals Who Make a Difference

Thank you to all health information professionals, working to keep health information human. No matter your area or expertise, the work you do lets patients receive high-quality care, and encourages meaningful innovation.

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Read stories below to learn how health information professionals make a difference every day.

  • On Impacting Patient Care... Complete accurate coding to reflect complete data picture of patients cancer journey.

    Cheryl K. Coder IV
  • I advocate for the profession by serving my local organization for nearly 10 years and doing lots of work with students.

    Kathy T Coder II, Atrium Health
  • Success means integrity, professional ethics, and the ability to grow and learn and share those successes with fellow coworkers in order for our team to be the best that we can be.

    Nicole R. Coder, USPI Tenet Health NM
  • I love working in health information because I have the ability to choose which avenue of HIT I get to work in. Some days Outpatient, others Inpatient, then CDI, or an auditor.

    Lori-Lynne W. Coder III, Saint Alphonsus
  • The data that we abstract is utilized for research which can lead to decreased mortality rates and longer survival rates for cancer patients.

    Health Information Professional
  • "I notice that the wrong prescription was written out and sent with the incorrect patient. My facility was able to catch it prior to getting it filled. This prevented a possible life or death situation."

    Health Information Professional
  • On Advocating for the Profession..."I present monthly at our provider meeting to keep them updated and educated on changes that pertain to them."

    Health Information Professional
  • "I advocate for the HIP to develop meaningful software that will assist the professional in this field to reach their full potential by utilizing tools that require the professional to utilize their knowledge."

    Health Information Professional
  • "We advocate for the profession by our presence. Many have a misconception of what medical data really is and our presence is needed to translate the data."

    Julie R. VP, Clinical Data Operations
  • On Impacting Patient Care…"We onboarded an organization to eHealth Exchange; introduced RPA into ROI to assist with sensitive data redaction; and streamlined advance care/LST documentation in EHR.”

    Deborah A. Executive Director, Partners Healthcare

Michelle J.

On My Team’s Impact…
“Each one of my employees gives 110%. They work hard, and it shows. They are committed to the betterment of the company.”


On Impacting Patient Care…
“We help healthcare providers identifying conditions in their patients using data analysis.”

Ann H.

“I love working in health information because of the independence, making my own decisions, and also collaborating as a team.”

Rhonwyn G.

On My Team’s Impact…
“Our patient’s diagnoses have gotten more complex. We’ve raised the expectations on making sure we have the most complete patient records.”

Nidia J.

“As a professional, sharing of information is most essential, whether it’s past, present, or projected.”

Cheryl K.

On Impacting Patient Care…

“Complete accurate coding to reflect complete data picture of patients cancer journey.”

M'Lissa S.

I succeed when I express and implement my expertise to improve quality of care and the integrity of the health record.

Nancy J.

“Our central district of LHIMA is pivotal in sharing our profession with the students in our community and peers and by participating in job fairs and university boards.”

Ida K.

“I started out in patient care, so I have always been fascinated with medicine and the disease process. Coding allows me to continue the learning process.”

Sara S.

On Impact…
“Revenue cycle management is important to a physician practice so that patients can obtain the treatment that they need.”

Rachel M.

On Impacting Patient Care…
“I work with nursing staff to ensure 100% accurate and complete documentation listed on daily census reports regarding the residents.”

Deann F.

I love supporting doctors and providing excellent quality!

Krista C.

“I am proud of the customer service they provide to our patients, physicians, staff and visitors and it shows with the collaboration we have established together as a team.”

Liz W.

On Advocating the Profession…
“We emphasize the importance of hiring and professionally developing credentialed HIPs.”

Helen C.

On Success…
“We utilized health informatics to implement and test a performance improvement project to improve healthcare outcomes through population HIM.”

Crystal C.

“I advocate for HI by sharing my journey, and encouraging anyone interested in the field to go for it!”

Deborah D.

“I enjoy coding, especially in the gastroenterology specialty! Plus, I find it rewarding to ensure patient diagnoses for their medical record.”


On Impact…
“I helped to develop the medical records department in my facility and have made our patient healthcare more complete.”

Amy R.

On Success…
“My teams maintain strong, steady CMI’s and focus on RAC/3rd party denials, ensuring we have clinically supported diagnosis that withstand an audit.”

Deborah A.

I Love Working in Health Information…”The extensive variety of topics, people, intellect, and creativity; the opportunities to improve patient care through data and information”

Letonia S.

“I impact patient care by educating our providers, keeping them compliant, and ensuring that they do not lose sight of treating the patient is the most important part of their jobs.”

Rachel M.

“I love working in health information because HIM is so diverse, yet so interconnected with almost every single aspect of healthcare, it never stays the same and is always evolving.”

Louise B.

“As medicine is continually evolving, we succeed by continued learning of new coding applications.”

Fred B.

“I love working in health information because it’s rewarding to use my education, expand my horizons, & impact the financial health of the institution.”

  • I advocate the profession everyday with my students, coworkers, peers, and the community. I want then to understand what we do in HIM, and how we fit into the healthcare puzzle.

    Candi H. Program Coordinator, College of Southern Maryland
  • "From my experience, the Health Information profession impacts patient care by exercising and abiding HIPAA laws and releasing PHI for continuity of care."

    Yvette D. Coder, Harmony Healthcare
  • "I brought to the orthopedist's attention that there was an additional humerus fracture s/p a trauma, that had been x-rayed but somehow was never documented or treated."

    Health Information Professional
  • "If billing issues arise from the patient, I can be instrumental in helping to resolve their issues, which, in turn, impacts patient satisfaction."

    Fred B. Coding Reimbursement Coordinator, Northwell Health
  • On Advocating for the Profession..."I share what I have learned over the years with new graduates coming into the field."

    Health Information Professional
  • On Impacting the Profession..."Data integrity is paramount to support research, statistics, and clinical decision making. Ciox coders empower greater health through their dedication to quality and accuracy."

    Tom R. VP Business Development, CIOX Health
  • On Impacting the Profession..."Troubleshooting and fixing workflow issues, applying data driven best practices, and conducting assessments to optimize patient care for providers."

    Mike K. Director of Business Development, Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions
  • Success means..."positive workflows, successfully keeping patient information sacred, and proper use of coding techniques."

    Tonya B. RHIT Medical Coder
  • "I love working in health information because of the challenge and  it encompasses the whole health delivery system."

    Carl B. Medical Coder
  • Success means..."telling the complete story of the patient in a accurate way by coding with integrity and honestly."

    Dudley H. Inpatient Coding Specialist, Holy Cross Hospital

Rose H.

“I love working in health information because it’s very broad, engaging, and stimulating. HIM touches and interacts with all aspects and levels of patient care.”

Barbara A.

“Success to me is being confident in my job, always growing and always learning.”

Devonne O.

“I love working in the HI field because it gives me the ability to learn so many different areas of HIM.”

Kathy T.

On Impacting Patient Care…
“I found a missing note with pertinent care information that changed how patient was treated.”

Janet P.

I advocate for the profession by being a member of AHIMA.

Annette W.

“I advocate the profession by continually encouraging high school students to consider a profession in the HIM field. The rewards are numerous.”

Rebecca P.

“I advocate for the profession by informing patients on how the facility keeps their information private and secure.”

Judith T.

On Impacting Patient Care…
“I reviewed trauma sheets and found an error in standards of treatment for CHI that led to a change in process of treating head injuries.”

Catrina J.

I love this profession as I meet with patients and family members from many different walks of life and I love meeting new people and helping them.


“With several fields of learning, the healthcare industry fascinates me!”

Dana D.

“Success to me is doing my job well and being respected for it!”

Zarar T.

“I love working in health information because it benefits the humanity and uses my medical background.”

Angela J.

“I love working in health information because every case is different.”

Kalinda T.

“Success is educating physicians to understand the correct way to complete documentation.”

Stephanie W.

On Impact…
“I kept a patient from being scheduled for a surgery she did not need. She had no history of the diagnosis, so I questioned the data.”

Nancy J.

“My skills impact patient care by consistently keeping provider data current so that they can provide excellent patient care.”

Avinash S.

Success is when health information is safe and secure!

Rahul M.

“We love to serve people to improve and maintain their health!”

Diana G.

“We advocate the profession by opening our doors to students looking at HIM careers. We treat them like they are a vital member of our team and show them the importance of what we do.”

Janet H.

“As a RHIT, CCS coder/auditor, it is my job to make sure the procedure codes are assigned correctly.”

Susana H.

“I love working in health information because it is interesting and challenging. The education and knowledge you obtain throughout the career is amazing, I really love everything about coding.”

Jennifer N.

“I am in the health information field because I love caring for patients.”

Elizabeth H.

“I love the health information field because I get to make a difference in a patient’s life!”

Marshell L.

“I love working in the health information field because I can learn new things and apply my skills.”

  • On Success..."It means properly documenting and capturing the diagnosis codes and charges in the health record, this will follow your patient throughout their life."

    Health Information Professional
  • "I love the medical field and I love to read. Inpatient coding is like working a puzzle, always challenging."

    Tami W. IP Coder II, Froedtert Health
  • "I love working in the HIM field because you learn something new every... single… day. HIM professionals are naturally curious and possess a unique love of learning."

    Cheryn B. Marketing Manager, TruCode
  • "I love working in the health information profession because it’s a great independent and challenging profession."

    Katie L. HIM Inpatient Coder IV, The Cleveland Clinic
  • "I enjoy finding the code that best describes the diagnosis the patient has. It is a joy working remote and getting to know other coders in different regions."

    Deanna Coding Professional, LifePoint
  • "I love working in the health information field because the work is varied and my education allows me to follow any number of professional paths."

    Health Information Professional
  • "The number one reason I love working in the health information field is it has always been the perfect fit for me! I just love the work!"

    Sandra K.
  • Success means..."purposeful work and working with cancer committee team members to improve care/services/support for oncology and all patients."

    Barb J. Cancer Registry Coordinator, Fairview Range
  • On Impacting Patient Care..."participation in ERMD monthly educational meetings and nursing staff better documentation less audit errors more time for patients."

    Renee N. ER Coding & Documentation, Beth Israel Lahey Health
  • "I love working in the health information field because I enjoy working with people and processes to provide quality information which leads to quality patient care."

    Kathy H. Coder, Auditor, and Education Specialist, Evergreen Health


I love supporting the health information profession because…

“…Information is the source of insights. Insights give clarity to complex things. Insights gleamed from health information serve the highest purpose, the health and well-being of humanity…I get to play a part…how cool is that!” – Felipe Reyes, VP, Global Sales, Sponsorship, and Business Development


“…of their commitment to ensuring that health information remains relevant and people-centric. Health information professionals have recognized the value and importance of health information for decades. Their passion and the love for the work they do is contagious. It is a privilege to work alongside such outstanding professionals.” – Wylecia Wiggs Harris, PhD, CAE, AHIMA CEO


“…these individuals have so much passion for their work, even when they have not been given the appreciation they are due. Their enthusiasm transcends the entire healthcare ecosystem and I am so excited to be part of an organization that is making it our goal to elevate and empower HIM professionals.” – Monica Reyes, Meeting Content Planner, AHIMA

Mary B.

“…they are among the most resourceful, helpful, and passionate groups of professionals I’ve ever worked with. They are also extremely patient when explaining what they do to the layman, which I very much appreciate.”

Nikitta F.

“The journey to the story is the best part of supporting the HIM profession. I’m amazed and inspired by the paths that brought each of us here.”

Jackie O.

“…the collection of medical data allows health care professionals to make informed and sound decisions.”

Larry L.

“…it’s the best way I can make a difference using my skills-if one person is helped because his/her medical data was correct & available then the goal is for millions to be helped!”

Monica L.

“…because they are a passionate group of individuals dedicated to impacting patient care.”

John R.

“…by empowering people to impact health, we actively participate in a profound legacy of helping individuals, communities, populations, and humankind.”

Mary Jane O.

“…it makes me feel like I am improving healthcare, which in turn improves lives.”

Michael B.

“…it impacts real people.”

Tom M.

“…I find great satisfaction telling the story of a passionate group of people who make a difference in the quality of people’s lives. Your skills will be needed now more than ever!”

Candy R.

“…because what they do is critical to patient care. Our members are dedicated to improving healthcare.”

Carolyn G.

“…our professionals are the key to having patient information which can accurate, secured, and shared appropriately.”

Donna R.

“…I am an HIM professional and after working 35+ years in the field, am honored to be able to serve all the members of AHIMA.”

Melanie E.

“…they are so passionate about advancing in their career and informing others about the importance of the profession.”

Anne Z.

“…their work is telling the stories of our medical lives and making sure these stories are private, secure, and available at the right time.”

Jackie B.

“…they know the importance of their work and are passionate about the best interest of the patient.”

Danielle H.

“…I share our community’s commitment to continuing education and purpose-driven passion for impacting healthcare.”

Robyn S.

I love the health information field because I get to make a difference in a patient’s life!

Vicky B.

“…they provide the complete and accurate information that can, and has, save my life!”

Megan G

“…I enjoy being able to support the healthcare continuum even though I’m not a medical professional.”

Rachel T.

“It gives me a sense of purpose to support HI professionals because what they are doing on a daily basis affects every single person’s healthcare experience.”

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