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Positioned at the intersection of healthcare, technology, and business, professionals in the health information space possess a uniquely comprehensive view of a resource critical to meaningful health innovation. In medical coding, clinical documentation integrity, data analytics, management, privacy, security, and beyond, we empower our partners in healthcare to provide high-quality, lifesaving care.

As the definition of healthcare continues to evolve, the accuracy, integrity, protection, and accessibility of health information remain our priority. Our work ensures patients receive the high-quality care they need, informs the development of new treatments and technologies, and empowers leaders to make effective strategic decisions.

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  • We see firsthand every day the importance of having quality health information to drive our choices, whether they are decisions about how to treat a patient or how to better serve our community. Our HIM department plays a critical role in our organization.

    John W. Bluford President/CEO of TMC
  • We are pleased to receive this prestigious Grace Award, which recognizes our excellent, innovative health information management team. This award celebrates our dedicated employees who work to bring best practices in health information management to Children’s so that we can continue to deliver the right care, at the right time, in the right place as efficiently as possible.

    Christopher J. Durovich President and CEO, Children’s Medical Center
  • Every facet of our operation is touched by our HIM professionals. They are critical to our success as they lead and direct regulatory affairs, privacy and compliance work, helping us streamline workflows, improve clinical quality and operational efficiency, and reduce our total cost of care.

    Penny Wheeler, MD President and CEO, Allina Health
  • "Our HIM staff, administration, and providers have worked closely to redesign the documentation deficiency process. Specifically, the HIM team has worked with the providers to make sure they have all the tools they need to get their documentation done in a timely manner. Since the inception of our new policy and process the providers have bought into the new way. Communication has improved with the HIM and providers. This timely documentation has made a big impact on the overall atmosphere of the workplace and has helped with revenue and patient satisfaction."

    Diana Gaddis, RHIT, CHPS, CCS
    Diana Gaddis, RHIT, CHPS, CCS Health Information Manager, Atchison Hospital
  • "The team has been successful meeting goals and turnarounds with the organization’s growth of providers and patients. We continue to cross train, which has helped tremendously in achieving these goals. Always a team effort in HIM! In addition, HIM reviewed workflows and the findings allowed us to revise protocols that has led to better workflow efficiencies. Our overall training program for new hires has evolved into a much better way of presenting the information. All of these efforts by the HIM team demonstrates how important HIM is to the healthcare organization. Kudos to the HIM team!"

    Cynthia (Cyndi) Nall
    Cynthia (Cyndi) Nall Program Manager, Health Information Privacy & Compliance, Virginia Heart
  • "We have increased the number of coders utilized in our organization on the professional side. This has allowed us to enhance the relationships we have directly with providers (both physicians and APP's). We are able to work together and collaborate towards a common goal of documentation and coding integrity when we know coding and clinical worlds do not always mesh. This has improved efficiency for both providers and coders and has assisted in reducing burnout related to documentation by creating standards by which each note type is constructed."

    Michelle Korbisch, RHIA Director of Coding, Cook Children's
  • "We’ve provided reports with information that helps the early identification of PAD in certain patient population. Using analysis and data, we’ve implemented algorithms in an electronic system to identify chronic conditions while patients are seen by the provider."

    Gabriel Director of Risk Adjustment, InnovaCare Health
  • "Working in a large oncology physician practice, it was our HIM staff that provided a process that satisfied our corporate compliance team as well as our physicians when discussing records retention and destruction."

    Rhonwyn Grams, RHIT
    Rhonwyn Grams, RHIT HIM Manager, Montgomery Cancer Center
  • "We are proven leaders able to pull together high-level groups, tackling complex, time sensitive issues or new regulatory requirements. We are innovative and quick to help others perform better by removing obstacles or suggesting the right stakeholders to move a particular project along. The team is able to unpack a situation quickly, ask for additional data to spot trends or work on areas needing improvement."

    Deborah Adair, MPH, MA, RHIA
    Deborah Adair, MPH, MA, RHIA Executive Director, Partners Healthcare
  • Sisu had two successful EMR upgrades/implementation projects go-live in 2019. Our HIM professionals played key roles in both projects. One had a Senior Clinical Analyst and certified RHIA leading a complete EMR change for a group of ambulatory providers. The other had three RHIA and one RHIT providing legacy systems support for 12 months during a major upgrade of acute and ambulatory EHR systems. Our health information staff helped the organizations through very successful migrations, and performed their work with the highest aptitude and professionalism.

    Mike Kovala Director of Business Development, Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions
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