Health Information

Professionals Week

April 18-24, 2021

Celebrate the impact that Health Information Professionals have on the quality of patient care around the globe. As COVID-19 has shown, health data and your work are more important than ever.

Take Note of 2021 and Future Dates! New for next year and moving forward will be the assignment of a consistent time-frame. Every year, you can count on celebrating the third full week in April.

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Keeping Health Information Human

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Health information professionals are trusted by patients and providers alike to protect, interpret, and transmit the most sensitive data that exists about a person, while making sure it is available where and when it is needed. This year’s theme emphasizes or reminds us that as health information professionals we keep health information human, and when health information stays human, it stays relevant.



“I am passionate about caring for patients. I want to make sure that our providers have everything they need to make the best decision for each patient so the patient can have the best possible outcome.”
-Rhonwyn Grams, HIM Manager, Montgomery Cancer Center

We Keep Health Information Human

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Data AnalysIs Makes the Difference

HSHS - Eastern Wisconsin Division

Green Bay, WI

Data Sharing and Patient Benefits

Yale New Haven Health

New Haven, Connecticut

Read About Game Changers In Healthcare

Achieve Data Visualization through Staff Training

SCL Health

Broomfield, CO

Data modeling identifies predictors for better health

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

Columbus, Ohio


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Organizations of all types recognize the importance and impact health information professionals have on the industry. See all Champions here.

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