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Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS) – Eastern Wisconsin Division

Data Analyses Makes the Difference

Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS) – Eastern Wisconsin Division turns diagnoses and patient population data into critical care. Through regular, rigorous analysis by the HIM team, HSHS – Eastern Wisconsin Division made the decision to open a wound clinic, increase the number of ICU rooms, increase x-ray capacity as well as expand surgical services. The hospital also adopted a telemedicine program to extend clinical reach to rural communities beyond Green Bay.

Following these advancements, the quality group created an inpatient clinical dashboard within the EMR for real-time monitoring of patient care. Dashboard metrics display everything from preventative care to real-time trends in care, allowing clinical colleagues to appropriately order supplies and medications. More importantly, this system alerts nursing staff if a patient is at risk of compromise. The scoring system considers a patient’s pulse, respiration, blood pressure and temperature. The higher the number, the higher the risk. This effort reduces the need to call a Rapid Response Team. The HIM team also routinely compares EMR data to divisional and national benchmarks to further identify opportunities for improvement.

HSHS – Eastern Wisconsin Division grooms the next generation of leaders in HIM by recognizing the importance of succession planning. HIM managers identify those demonstrating leadership qualities or expressing an interest in advancement. Development plans follow a competency-based curriculum that include local and system-wide retreats. All in, HSHS – Eastern Wisconsin Division regularly promotes qualified candidates from within the department.

At every level, HSHS – Eastern Wisconsin Division demonstrates a transformative journey toward new and innovative practices that deliver better patient outcomes. Congratulations on receiving the high honor of the 2019 Grace Award.


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