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Yale New Haven Health, New Haven, Connecticut

Sharing Data Encourages Decisions that Benefit Patients

Monthly meetings with the CFOs and CMOs across the network foster a culture of accountability and collaboration with finance and physicians. Yale New Haven HIM teams listen to ideas, concerns and feedback from these colleagues, generating actionable plans that streamline denial mitigation while maintaining record integrity. These meetings also produce standardized bylaws that reduce the time to publish discharge summaries. Due to these efforts, annual performance reviews are now based upon the timeliness and accuracy of the CDI data.

A data Discovery Day to address “how we see the big picture ” is also central to Yale New Haven’s process. Discussions focus upon live streaming vitals from all ICU’s and telemetry units. YNHH was also the first to go live with the Connecticut Immunization Registry and Tracking System interface which offers meaningful guidelines for sharing immunization data. Again, sharing data encourages decisions that benefit patients.

Along with the Yale School of Medicine, the Yale New Haven HIM team commits to innovation and excellence in patient care, teaching, research and service to communities in Connecticut and beyond.


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